Welcome to my blog! This is a first time adventure for me. So far I’m still struggling with the set-up process, so the way the blog appears on the screen is quite plain, but perhaps I’ll spruce it up when I figure out how.

My main objective for this blog is to share with you the poetry that I love and love to write. So, to start out, I’m going to post a poem that I wrote recently. My friends and family know that my sister died recently, and this is about my grief and what the two of us shared together.

                   LOSS              March 2016

my sister dear, you’ve gone ahead of me

into that figurative, peaceful family plot

where all must go to find their rest at last.


I have so much to remember—

when together we stood at the graves

of our grandparents and the house

where our father grew up,

staring in awe at family roots, and

feeling the ancient pull of connection.


And when we buried our mother’s ashes

near the place where she was young

we felt again the pull of families past and gone.


And the special times, too, when we were free

to be just sisters, feeling the gift of connection,

of belonging, that shared past.


And now you have gone away,

leaving those who loved you

in faith that we shall meet again

somewhere in a land of love and peace.

Please come back to visit me again here on this site. I welcome your comments.



7 thoughts on “

  1. Dear Carolyn, we are so sorry for your loss and so sorry I didn’t know of your sister’s passing. Bless you and thank you for sharing your poetry. I too come from a family of sisters and can appreciate your loss. I send you my love across the miles…Julie


  2. Carolyn, this blog for sharing your poetry is a wonderful idea! I’m so glad you decided to do it. Good for you! I also like your poem–looking forward to reading more.🤔✍


  3. A very moving tribute to your sister. I am happy to know that you have decided to blog with an emphasis on your poetry. I think you are an excellent poet and will look forward to reading your poems.


  4. My comadre….this poem is beautiful….spoke to me. I hope I go before my sister and yet I ache for being left behind some day……love you..Hope and JD


  5. We are at our best when we employ the special gifts God gave us. Sharing yours may inspire others and in this offering, comfort them.


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