Did you ever wonder
what you breathe in?
what is out there in the air?

There are voices and thoughts,
all flying around wirelessly.
They surely must crash into each other
like airplanes in a busy sky.

The phone call from Uncle Joe
narrowly missing the giggles
from the teenage girl next door.

A call to 911 is dodging an
e mail joke out there somewhere.
A whole speech may go zooming past
while family pictures float by.

No more may our private opinions
be shrouded in a whispered phone call,
or hidden in an envelope,
now they are in the clouds for all to see.

It is like waking at night to the song
you have not thought of in years
playing incessantly in your head.

We used to wonder where it came from
and now we know.
It has always been there, in the air,
ready to play unbidden in your brain.


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