Old Woman’s Challenge

Old Woman’s Challenge

old woman woke.
outside the moon was watching
but there was no one there
inside her head and no one in her bed.

terror was there but
old woman grasped it and held it down as
terror growled and showed teeth.
old woman knew what to do
for even though
inside old woman’s head it was murky
inside her heart there was courage.

she stared at terror until it whimpered
and backed away, so
old woman went out into the night
where the moon was bright
to show her the way.

then she offered up the treasure
she had found in her heart
to purchase wisdom.

it was enough.
old woman found someone to help.
moon shone brightly into her room
and made terror shrink and flee

then moon smiled because
old woman with brave heart
knew where to find love
and there was another day.


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