Finally !

I’ve not posted anything for two weeks, so it is about time.  I’ve been moving and had no time to sit

Some of the poems I have posted have come thru with very small print. Sorry.  I cannot seem to figure out how to change the print size.  Eventually I will have time to learn.

Since we have been inundated with political “trash talk” and so forth, it reminded me of a poem I wrote some time ago.  I was thinking how sad it is that so many people park themselves in front of the TV every evening and watch whatever happens to be on, instead of searching out inspiring, uplifting shows or books.  So……here it is:




Sing—-dance for me.

Go ahead–you do it.

I’ll just sit here in my recliner.


Talk for me—tell me what to think,

what to buy, what to believe.

I give you carte blanche on my brain.


Tell me stories about a world that isn’t mine.

What do I care if they are true?

What of it if they’re mindless trash?


Show me skin, show me sex,

talk dirty to me baby.

I’ve no time for real people.


Entertain me, for you are my god.





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