Old and new

Good morning!  (It is only 9 AM as I am blogging this day.) By the way, I still am unable to format these writings the way I wish to. The poems should not appear as double spaced. I need to call and talk to someone about that….until I do, please bear with me.

So far I have only posted my own writings, but today I want to share a poem that took my fancy.  The poet is Rudolfo Anaya. He is a well-known New Mexico writer, most famous for his novel “Bless Me Ultima.”     In 2015 he published a book of poetry titled “Poems From the Rio Grande”.  The following poem is from that book.


Aspen Magpies

In Aspen the magpies are fat and sleek,

and their feathers are always in place.

They mind their manners, but they do

rush to fight over roadkill.


In Aspen the magpies play golf and ski.

Each wears a tux to corporate dinners.

They do their feathers at a unisex salon,

and pay with American Express.


In New Mexico the magpies are a rowdy bunch.

They spice roadkill with green chile.

They squawk in Spanglish,

cursing tourists who drive too fast.


New Mexico magpies are cousins to

Coyote, Roadrunner, and Rattlesnake.

These tricksters from the bird world

remind us that we could wind up as roadkill.


In Aspen the magpies practice trickle-down

economics: I got mine, you get yours.

Once a year they invite poor crows to

dinner, but not at their condos.


New Mexico magpies share skinny roadkill:

guts, nerves, and bones. After lunch they

tell stories and wonder what it would be

like to visit their cousins in Aspen.


Today is a “2-fer” day.  Here is a poem of mine which I wrote when I was a freshman in college. (1961) ……….


Little furry ball of fun–

you climb and frolic to the top,

the very tiptop of a tree

and balance precariously

on a feeble branch.


You swing by hind feet,

quite a gymnast you !

little show off.


Yes, that’s the top;

you can’t go any farther.

Oh, you’re running down–

chased by a bird?




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