halfway through the year !

Can you believe it?  Almost July 2016.  Time is flying and the southwest is cooking.  A little cooler today, however……down into the mid-90 degrees.

I’m trying to share poems both from years ago and from recently.  Here’s one I just wrote….not sure if it needs some more revising or not.  But here goes:


Once he came to me in a dream, riding on a horse.

Why a horse? I never saw my father on a horse.

Not a white horse, but perhaps I needed to see

him as more powerful.

One day he tossed a cat down into a gulley

to show me how cats always land on their feet. 

He didn’t. But he accepted the seasons of his life

as they threw him again and again.

He smiled at me always kindly, not advising, just living,

waiting for the brightness of hope.



Sit right there in that straight-backed chair,

     I say to my heart.

Be still and listen

     to all my reasoned arguments.

Watch while I parade before your eyes

     all the reasons for no.


It will listen for awhile

     and even promise to think about it.

But later, in an independent snit,

     it jumps up and rushes off

          to do as it pleases,

sometimes even returning, hands on hips,

     to tell me all the reasons for yes.




I’ve been playing with writing a poem for each month of the year. I know it’s only June, but it is too hot to write a poem right now…..so here’s the one I wrote last year about July:


I welcome a cool breeze this morning

arriving at my open door and

making itself at home in rooms

heavy with the heat of yesterday.


A few drops of rain have fallen

to bless the parched earth

and they whisper a promise

of more to come, although

the dry ground scarcely hopes.


For now, the blessing of an overcast sky is enough

a respite from scorching sun and enervating heat.


Moon Phases



Shyly appearing, the moon is

ever so slightly curved

like a hammock, beckoning

to those who hope for rest

and dream of a comfortable place.


The moon tonight was a lemon slice,

dripping sourness onto the darkness.

And no snow fell like sugar

to sweeten up the man.


Someone sat on the moon tonight

and the man was down in the mouth.

I wonder why?

He’s seen it all before.

He must get depressed, just like I do when

someone sits on my dreams.


At last the moon is complete,

the man is happy,

dogs can bay and lovers kiss.



June 4, ’16

One should have a good laugh at least once a day, no?  So here’s one I stole (borrowed, lifted, whatever) from my cousin Allen’s blog:

“Eggs benedict should be served on a hubcap because there’s no place like chrome for the hollandaise. ”


Might as well stay in and blog as it is getting very close to 100 degrees here in southern New Mexico.  It seems dangerous to have opinions anymore as someone will no doubt be offended, so perhaps I better stick to the weather and poetry.

Here’s a quote I like:   “Writing poetry is like walking naked in the world.”  That is, when you share it.  I kept mine covered up for years but now let’s hang it all out for everyone to see !

Here are a couple of short ones:


I turn out the light.

I open the window shades,

and bathe in a shower of moonlight.


As I stretch onto the welcoming bed

I hear a lullaby rustling and

whispering in my palm trees


and feel the breeze saying goodnight

in the music of a wind chime next door.



The taste of coffee is love and passion

and if you love it too

we will live at Starbucks

and attain immortality.


I have no doubt

because of love and coffee

and passion

(which informs us of

why we love, why we share,

why we drink, and why we care)

we shall overcome.