halfway through the year !

Can you believe it?  Almost July 2016.  Time is flying and the southwest is cooking.  A little cooler today, however……down into the mid-90 degrees.

I’m trying to share poems both from years ago and from recently.  Here’s one I just wrote….not sure if it needs some more revising or not.  But here goes:


Once he came to me in a dream, riding on a horse.

Why a horse? I never saw my father on a horse.

Not a white horse, but perhaps I needed to see

him as more powerful.

One day he tossed a cat down into a gulley

to show me how cats always land on their feet. 

He didn’t. But he accepted the seasons of his life

as they threw him again and again.

He smiled at me always kindly, not advising, just living,

waiting for the brightness of hope.



Sit right there in that straight-backed chair,

     I say to my heart.

Be still and listen

     to all my reasoned arguments.

Watch while I parade before your eyes

     all the reasons for no.


It will listen for awhile

     and even promise to think about it.

But later, in an independent snit,

     it jumps up and rushes off

          to do as it pleases,

sometimes even returning, hands on hips,

     to tell me all the reasons for yes.




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