It’s a Holiday?

Blessed 4th of July to all my US friends. Since retired people don’t have holidays and I, being Canadian, am not disposed to greatly celebrate the 4th of July, my only concession this year was to wear a red and white knit top. Red and white are the colors of the Canadian flag anyway. (smile)

Anyway….here are a couple more of my poems.


I’ve broken my favorite pottery wine goblet this morning.
The base of the stem was cracked many years ago
and I glued it back together.
I guess the glue lost its purpose at last
and got tired of holding on.
I gaze at it fondly and see it as a metaphor
for my life. I’ve been cracked before;
I’ve damaged the base of my life again and again
but managed to glue it back together somehow.
Now my glue is weakening and it seems
there is no way to hold myself together anymore.
Like my old goblet, I’ve tried to be of use
as long as I could, but I think it may be time
to reinvent myself.

After my husband died in 2004, I got a part-time job with a Home Care company. I learned how to properly care for the disabled or elderly and got quite an education about who they are and the wide variety of living situations. One cute little lady whom I really enjoyed inspired this poem:

She said……

don’t you think I’m doing well
she said
as moldy leftovers she couldn’t see
Shriveled in the refrigerator.
I think I get along fine
she said
while the steps became more daunting
and the laundry went undone.
I only need a bit of help
she said,
but phantoms of the past disturbed her mind
planting fears to banish sleep.
My children care for me
she said
but they were far away and did not understand
that the one who gave them life
now struggled to maintain her own.
I’ve had a good life
….she said.


One thought on “It’s a Holiday?

  1. Those are wonderful. I love the poem about the old lady. My mother-in-law is 96 and in a lock down care home as she is a wanderer. My oldest was to see her yesterday. Her memory went in and out. Sometimes she knew her sometimes not. I used to call her once in a while but no more as it totally confuses her. She is physically healthy as a horse. Her 98 year old sister is as sharp as ever but confined to a wheel chair. Such is life. My oldest said when I get like that she is leaving me on the ice.


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