Saturday, July 23

I love clouds! The clouds in our summer sky are always spectacular. I could watch them for hours if it wasn’t so durn hot outside. For at least two weeks now we have suffered with temperatures at or over 100. And no rain, that’s the worst of it. Summer is “monsoon” season here in the southwest, but the monsoons have not yet arrived. Just a few spotty showers here and there that do nothing for the dry ground. The rains should cool things off somewhat, if they ever arrive.
Anyway, here is a poem that tries to express my love of cloud-watching:

I love clouds…

they scud, they puff,
they drift and dance,
shape-shifting all day long
like restless spirits
unable to remain one thing,
unable to be ordinary or content.

On the big screen of sky
they endlessly create,
they amuse and entertain.

I love clouds
* * * * * * * * * * *

When it does rain, New Mexicans go out and stand in it rather than donning raincoats and holding umbrellas………..

Our Mountains.
they are so blue today
hiding behind storm clouds
and crying
while in the valley by
the river
there is singing and rejoicing
for the blessing of a cool day
as we stand in the rain
faces upturned
while the blue hills pout
and want the sun to
make them pink again.

* * * * * * * * *

Speaking of mountains, the mountains that rise just to the east of my city are called the “Organs”. They are an endless source of beauty, inspiring poets and photographers alike.

Mountains in the Morning                                                            img_0700

Most mornings our mountains look sharp
and rugged against a clear blue sky.
Today they are the background
in an impressionist painting,
A smudged outline of their usual selves
Behind a screen of mysterious mist.

The wind will blow the mist away later
And the mountains will shout
“See! I am here,
as I always have been.”


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