August already !

I often wonder what I could say to make my blog more interesting. It seems my life is quite boring just now. One could talk about current events, I suppose, but most of what is in the “news” just now doesn’t bear talking about, let alone thinking about !
I better stick to poetry. ………


I almost stepped on it…
a small twig, upright,
moved across my path,
held aloft by a determined ant.

Tall as a tree it must have been
to him, but he struggled on,
waving the twig bravely,
doing what few ants
had done before.

I am not determined and brave,
I cannot balance trees,
but as I struggle to cross my paths,
I am sometimes noticed,
but often stepped upon.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yesterday I shared a poem about how I love clouds. Here’s one to add to that:

the clouds are only sheer curtains today
reduced by winds aloft
to filmy angel wisps molted
by some celestial bird
they pattern the sky like
abstract art.
I want to spin and dance with them.


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