Haven’t posted for way too long !

Time has a tendency to fly. I’ve been absorbed with lesser things, and haven’t had time to learn more about this blogging business, let alone add a post to the existing blog.
Now I’m preparing to go on a trip to New Orleans with my daughter, and will be gone a couple of weeks.
We are still having hot weather here in the sunny southwest, altho’ the nights and evenings are getting a little cooler. It is hard to know what to wear from day to day as the temperatures vary so much this time of year, let alone know what to pack for a trip.
Anyway…..here’s a couple of poetic offerings.
I had the extreme joy of spending 3 weeks in Ireland in 2008, and this is my impression of Dublin:


It strikes you first, the contrast,
the old and the new.
Ancient, soaring cathedrals beside
internet cafes and designer boutiques.

Narrow cobblestone streets between
juice bars and coffee shops.
Sounds of many tongues mingle with
the soft and rolling Irish burr.

And oh ! the traffic!
The brave but foolhardy pedestrians dash
headlong into the maelstrom of cars and buses.
(there is a crossing signal, but,oh well.)
Taxis weave and dart through cars
inches apart in narrow lanes.
A nervous rush of humanity and machine mixed
in an unholy blend of confusion
on streets whose names change with every block.

The Celtic Tiger roars here, claiming
Dublin for the 21st century
while short miles away sheep graze on placid hills
and history yawns.
* * * * * * *

Unfortunately, the Celtic Tiger no longer roars today, but it was back in 2008 !
On a totally different note, here is one I wrote just today. The form is called a “nonet” because there are 9 lines with 9 syllables in the first line, 8 in the second, and so forth, on down to just one syllable for the last line.

None of us have a ghost of a chance
to get out of this world alive.
Oh, I’m sure that you know this
and yet you still feel free
to close your eyes to
the reaching hands
of those who
need you