I’m Back.

I have been away on a trip and came back too beat to blog. Now I’ll share a little of my experiences with you.
We had no funeral or service of any kind to celebrate my sister when she died a few months ago. So in Sept., on her birthday, the 29th, we decided to meet in New Orleans and toast her on her birthday even tho’ she could not be there.
My daughter and I drove from Albuquerque to NO and met two of my nephews with their families. It was good to be together. We shared pictures that she had collected over the years and memories. I wrote down some of my feelings. It is just a rough draft, perhaps it needs a little polishing, but I’m going to share it now anyway.

today we celebrate my sister,
mother, grandmother, aunt.
today we weep and remember,
we laugh and relive times with her.
she should be here; the hole
she leaves in our lives will not be filled.
overwhelmed by memories, we sit in awe
at revelations of a life we thought we knew.
words she left behind surprise,
for only after death are families allowed
to see the soul behind the role we play.
do you think you know me?
how can you ever know the life
that shaped me before you were born?
the heartaches unable to be expressed?
the struggles and the uncertainties?

we love, we families, but in the end
we are alone. Tears fall
for the sister I knew and
the one I did not know.

I also spent some time in Albuq visiting old friends. I love the mountains here in Las Cruces, but the Sandias, just to the east of Albuquerque, are also beautiful. So I expressed them in poetry:


I’m aging now, don’t look at me
so closely. Step back, as you would to
appreciate a lovely older woman.

Go across the river high above
the valley so that I appear
in all my glory–blue, with delicate

shadow when the sun shines,
watermelon pink when the setting sun
shares its glow with me.

Don’t come too close. You’ll see
my rough rocks and hidden ravines.
Like wrinkles, they deny my beauty.

No need to be disillusioned.
Why see the flaws when you can dwell
on the lovely vistas with which I gift you.

Hasta la vista!