It’s Over !

Well, it is all over. (In more ways than one.) The whole of America was getting so disgusted with the political process as it was practiced in 2016. I’m not holding my breath, but I am praying that someone will get smart and help to change things.
When I think that over a billion dollars was wasted on this election, I wonder how much good that money could have done if given to a worthy cause.
Since I am Canadian, I have a preference for the parliamentary form of government. This 2 party system leaves people pitted against each other and has brought out the hate. My cousin Allen has a super commentary on his blog. ( He is also an Xpat Canadian, but he lives in Ukraine.
My daughter attends a liberal church where everyone is welcome. Her pastor received a hate phone call two days after the election, telling him that “since there is now a righteous, God-fearing administration in the White House, churches like his can be gotten rid of.” Talk about hate! And fear of the “other.”! How appalling. And I’m quite sure that was not an isolated event. People and churches all over this country who believe that each person is to be accepted as God created him/her are wondering what next? Who will be the first victims of new discriminations?

So….after hearing my daughter tell about that phone call, this is what I wrote:


We thought it was over, this hateful time
when the ability to debate without rancor was lost.
Now begins the unleashing of the hounds of hate,
creatures of the night who bare their teeth and lust for blood.

Do not try to restrain them for they
believe they have license now to tear
limb from limb all who live by the law of love,
all who offer the hand of peace.

Well, enough. I had to have my say, I guess. On to a more cheerful note…..believe it or not there are only a few short weeks ’til Christmas. This is my Christmas poem: (one of them)

here we go again
chestnuts imploding,
tree lights exploding,
dreaming of sleigh rides,
singing carols in our sleep.

it’s that time again,
shopping ’til we’re dropping,
partying without stopping,
eating too much sugar,
and wishing for more sleep.

how did December come to this?

could we live old times again?
allowing peace to find us,
with simple joys and no fuss,
singing Christ Is Born and
Silent Night within our hearts?

Happy Thanksgiving. Let love rule.