the New Year

My thoughts at the end of 2016:
I listen to a radio program called the Commonwealth Club every Saturday morning. Today the guest was a journalist and author who has a new book out which is all about the pace of change in our world.
His name is Thomas Friedman and the book is “Thank You For Being Late: an optimist’s guide to thriving in the Age of Accelerations.” (You can see who Friedman is by just googling his name.)
After listening to his lecture this morning, I felt compelled to write down the following thoughts, and share them on my blog.
If you haven’t stopped to think about it, ponder this: it is only in the last 9 or 10 years that we have had Google, Facebook, etc. and the “cloud”. I know, it seems longer, but not so. Those of us who are older, like myself, look at the lightning speed of change and feel like we cannot keep up. Only that short time ago we did not have Wi-Fi, hand-held devices that double as telephones and internet connections, or people in undeveloped economies with the same telephone connections as we in the Western world.
Because of things like Twitter, whole populations can be swayed in an election year into voting for an inexperienced demagog. Truth is being buried under fake news and people scarcely know any more what to believe or believe in.
As I listened to the lecture on the radio this morning, I began to think of what it is that we CAN cling to in times like these. What never changes, no matter new technology, new governments, or new standards of human behavior? God, of course !
God is love, yes, but also peace, joy, generosity, and hope—always hope for the future, no matter what happens. A belief in and trust in the eternal spirit that lives in all of us humans and that we call God allows us to deal with change, and even with despair and pain.
There is an old hymn that is still sung in Protestant churches, “The Solid Rock”. This is our God, solid, but unlike a rock in that He is never eroded or changed by wind, rain, water, or the faithlessness of His creation.
This is what we can cling to and believe in now, in the days of lightning fast change.
I wish you a blessed and hopeful New Year.


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