Happy New Year ! That’s what one is expected to say on the first of January. It may not be happy for you, so if not, then I would wish you joy and peace instead, along with God’s best blessings.
It is already the 10th of Jan. today, and I need to put something on this blog. Lately, I’ve felt without anything worthwhile to say. I need to make a resolution to do better with my blog in ’17, although I never make resolutions, so I’m not sure how that would work out.
To start with , here is a little ditty that came to my mind the other day:

My sweet tooth sent me to the kitchen,
where temptation was strong, I confess.
I was drawn right away to the chocolate,
for I’ve simply no will power, I guess.

I glanced at the carrots and celery,
the yogurt looked good I must say.
But there sat the gooey fudge cake.
Ignore it? Ha ha ! No way.