Greetings to all from the sunny southwest.  And I do mean sunny!  The weatherperson tells us that in a day or two we may expect temperatures to reach into the 80s. (But only for a few days, then back to more seasonal norms.  You never know anymore, do you?  Best just look out the window for a forecast.

Well…here’s my February poem: (this is not supposed to be double spaced, but I can’t seem to change it so…….)


oh look!

it’s the month of my birth.

and I cannot decide if I should

celebrate and call my friends in

for a party

or cry copious tears of rage

because of age.


but, seriously, I know that

tears are wasted on what I cannot change

and the years will pass

without my permission.


and so, I will put on the smiley face.

I will claim sageness and sagacity

and pretend I am so much wiser

than the young.


I do, however, avoid mirrors,

especially in changing rooms at the mall,

and try not to stare in envy

at my friends who have managed to keep

their youthful figures by

indulging in hopeless exercise.


For even though the sun is shining

to cheer up a winter day,

I can just as cheerfully sit

and exercise my mind,

losing myself and my cares

in other places, other concerns,

other months that may arrive

and offer hope.