Friday April 28

Greetings all…..
Well….here’s the update on my health: I saw the nephrologist this past week and he is quite optimistic about my condition. Of all the causes of CKD (chronic kidney disease), mine was likely high blood pressure. Mine is still high, but Dr. says it isn’t too high for my age and condition. I shall continue to watch my diet and keep my weight down, that’s about all I can do right now.
In two months I’ll have another blood test and we’ll see how I’m doing.
My bigger concern is the pain I’m having in my back and hips. I see a Dr. in El Paso about that in a couple of weeks.
So….how about a little levity today?…………..


at first I do not know this word “tape”
I bought some sticky tape
but it didn’t work when I tried to play it
on the machine called recorder
the yellow band the police put up is
tape, yes? it’s not sticky. Maybe they
use invisible tape to catch the
criminals, eh? I wrapped myself
all over in the stuff but they still saw me.
I wish to see how long is my room so
I get tape, but it has no marks
and sticks to the floor. My friend
told me I have tape inside because I
eat so much. Strange things, but then
I discover the tape called duct !
This tape I love.
I used it to fix my car.


April 22,’17

I hope wherever you live you are having lovely spring weather.  It is getting quite warm here already, so what’s new?

My daughter, Lara, was here with me over the Easter weekend and we had a great visit. We enjoyed a dinner on Easter Sunday at the home of one of my friends.

I have an appointment next month with the neurosurgeon who did my back fusion two years ago.  Have to drive to El Paso to see him, but I decided that would be the best way to find out exactly from where my back pain is coming. It is increasingly uncomfortable.

“….language is better than reality…”  Billy Collins                          

To sink gratefully into a book,

and leave realities behind

is the ultimate escape.

I have no need to buy

the things I admire

for I will have

their mem’ries




April 6th

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Sunny and warm and not too windy today.
I’m not expert on this blog thing. I cannot figure out how to have what I write appear on the page as I want it to. When I hit “publish” it runs all my paragraphs together and shoves all the lines of poetry off to the left margin. I need help! If I take the time to ask for help I’m sure I could get it….one of these days I will. In the mean time, just know that not all my poetry is written flush to the left margin !!
I’m doing OK this week…..not super great, just OK. Smile. I need to see a doctor about the pains in my back, but I’m waffling as to which one to go to. Worst pain is in the SI joint.
I’ll not have any more information about my kidney function for several weeks yet. I have an appt. with the specialist on the 25th, but he didn’t order a blood test this time. Don’t know why.
I do want to wish you all a Blessed Easter. Next week, Holy Week, will be busy and I probably won’t have time to add to the blog, so Easter greetings are coming early.
I know everyone has their problems and aches and pains, so I wish God’s blessings of peace and guidance for you all, whatever your situation may be.

Are you surprised, then, that his tomb
was empty?
Why would you want him to be there?
Do you want your very self to disappear
into the oblivion
of death?
Your existence to mean nothing
in the end?

It is folly to deny the power of life,

for no matter how you try, humanity,
you cannot seal up a soul
in the grave
of mere earth.


The sky was blue today
Blue, blue, blue
blue, blue
blue…… !
and on the tops of the mountains
God spread his white lace tablecloth.
Below in the park he decorated the trees for Easter
in pinks and reds and
blossom white,
and blew gently upon the scene he painted
to set the colors.