April 22,’17

I hope wherever you live you are having lovely spring weather.  It is getting quite warm here already, so what’s new?

My daughter, Lara, was here with me over the Easter weekend and we had a great visit. We enjoyed a dinner on Easter Sunday at the home of one of my friends.

I have an appointment next month with the neurosurgeon who did my back fusion two years ago.  Have to drive to El Paso to see him, but I decided that would be the best way to find out exactly from where my back pain is coming. It is increasingly uncomfortable.

“….language is better than reality…”  Billy Collins                          

To sink gratefully into a book,

and leave realities behind

is the ultimate escape.

I have no need to buy

the things I admire

for I will have

their mem’ries





2 thoughts on “April 22,’17

  1. Good to hear from you – I do think spring is here, finally, and in any case Easter is wonderful regardless of weather. Mine was quiet, but services at church are always very meaningful. Thanks for the little poem you included. Love to Lara from me when you write or talk with her. Blessings and love, Elsie I hope the summer brings you increasingly good health,and good times.


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