Sun. May 7

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood ! I go to an 8:15 AM service at my church, so am always up and away early on Sundays. That is not so easy to do in the winter, but in summer it is the time to be out.

Nothing more to tell you about my health condition. Just that I have a lot of pain in my back and legs, and am just trying to deal with that as best I can without any pain medication. I lie down a lot or use the heating pad.

Late spring is a great time for flowering plants here in Las Cruces. Right now the yucca are blooming and the large white blossoms are a glorious sight. Also, the red, white, or pink oleander are blooming in profusion. I’m not a flower or gardening person, but can enjoy the beauty of the flowers.

I’ve thought about commenting on some things going on in the world and in the national news, but I think I should refrain. In other words, as they say……”don’t get me started!!” If nothing else we now have great political cartoons and the late night talk shows have an unlimited source of satire.

Since today is Sunday, here is a faith poem:


It is quiet in my neighborhood
early in the morning.
I can rise early and be
alone with God.

When my day is busy and noisy
I cannot hear his voice
but in the quiet I listen and he speaks
in that still, small voice.

First, I offer my worship and
he accepts it graciously.
I admit before him all my
shortcomings and he forgives.

I thank him for blessing me with
the wonderful people in my life.
I tell him that I know he has led me
to the place I am now.

I could never have arranged my life
the way he has
and he laughs because I am amazed
at how he brought me here.

He tells me, “That is what I do for those
who love and trust me.”
I sip my morning coffee and
I feel enveloped in Love.


2 thoughts on “Sun. May 7

  1. Hi – and thanks for the note and poem. Glad you are enjoying the spring weather and flowers – me too! I enjoyed your poem also. Blessings and love, Elsie


  2. We are into late spring and early summer here. Shorts and short sleeved shirts out; long jeans and long sleeve shirts in the spare closet. Gardens growing, birds singing. You are wise to stay out of the politics if you can. Too depressing to talk about it. Bad enough to have to live in it.
    Oh, and my doctor says I need a new knee. Two shots of cortisone seem to help it so I hope they last a while. Pain in any location is no fun at all, is it?


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