June 17

Well, the plague of Southwest June is here. Today it will get up to 107 degrees F. I’m staying home.

And the news goes on, if you can dignify it as news. It is like a terrible accident, you are appalled, but somehow you can’t look away. Sometimes I listen to TV news and sometimes I get my news from political cartoons or clips from late night TV. You can find them on YouTube. Way more satisfying. At least one can laugh. I just finished reading a great book titled, “Dark Money”. Every American should read it. Although it is very scary it explains a lot.

I see a orthopedic doctor on Monday. Hoping for some answers. I’m trying to put it all in perspective……….


I was enjoying a relaxing evening
with a plate of colorful, delicious
vegetables upon my lap
and then a pea fell into my slipper.

Life was, in general, good
and placid until into my family
strode a killer with a capital C
and then a pea fell into my slipper.

I had a dear and special friend
who was my alter ego, but
one day she suddenly was gone
and a pea fell into my slipper.

My body stayed healthy for many years
my strength a source of pride,
but then aging took over, my body slowed,
while a pea fell into my slipper.

None of these problems belonged in my life !
I struggled to understand why, until
my pain appeared in proper perspective
as only a pea in my slipper.


2 thoughts on “June 17

  1. Thanks, Carolyn, for the note and poem. I do not envy you the heat, that’s for sure, though we could use a bit more today – raining and cool. Then a warmer week ahead! Strange weather – all part of climate change, that’s for sure, in spite of what your president says! I love your poem – well done. Love, Elsie


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