July 2nd

A belated Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends and relatives! Most of you know that I have never given up my Canadian citizenship. I said something the other day to a friend who didn’t know that…I said I wished I could return to live in Canada. She said it might not be that easy to move up there, and I said, Oh they have to let me in. I’m a citizen of the Great Country to the North. And proud of it.
There are reasons why I never became a citizen of the USA. After all these years, (57), why bother. Besides, I have always been appalled, from the time I first arrived in Indiana to go to college, at the arrogance of the American people. They think everyone in the world wants to be an American citizen and that they are the best at everything.
PBS is running a series of shows about the history of China. It is very interesting to think that China has thousands of years of history, culture and tradition while the USA is a comparative baby. And yet it seems to me that Americans look at China as somehow less intelligent, somehow less advanced. Strange.
These things are in my thoughts as this weekend is the 4th of July holiday. I confess that I tire of the rampant patriotism on display every year on the 4th. Everyone loves the country of their birth and every country has a unique culture and perspective. We should respect that.

Here is a poem I wrote 11 years ago and it is still relevant.
What do you do in 30,000 square feet?
there must be rooms
you never use,
Ceilings so high, with heat rising
and rising and rising
using massive quantities of fuel
To feed an ego bolstered by
a six-figure income
and some economic power.
Why do you need to impress?
who is there who in the end
will count you righteous for your greed?

What do you do in 600 square feet?
there must be a window somewhere
for you to feel the sun,
And old chair where you could put your feet up
to count the pennies
left from you social security check
And find a way to pay for
the little bit of heat you need
to make it through the winter.
Who do you have to live for?
who is there who in the end
will give you pity for your poverty?


2 thoughts on “July 2nd

  1. Thanks, Carolyn, for the Canada Day greetings – and the same back to you, as well as those for July 4! There will be a lot of celebrating on your side of the border tomorrow, so we all hope for no attacks of any kind. We had good celebrations across the country here. I watched the ceremonies from Ottawa, and a few from elsewhere. I am grateful to live here! Thanks again for the poem, and God bless you in the coming weeks and months. Love, Elsie


  2. A DOWN to earth poem sorry to say in Beaumont Ab. and Trout Creek B.C. there are many million dollar houses. It was sad to see the bush gone at powell beach and now its occupied with million dollar houses. Fortunate for the owners the land has been filled in and built up to prevent flooding. Neil and I visited Summerland last month, there is a lot of flooding around the lake. People asking will there be any sand left on the beach? Do you remember Amy and Kathy Yamabe? I always phone Amy and usually we go out for coffee or she has invited me in for tea. Last year she moved into an assistant living building ,her sister Marjory is there too. I didn’t have her phone number so walked over from Gertie’s phoned from the front desk, she is not well ,said she was not up to having visitors. I felt a little sad but understand. Their brother Richard [Dick] passed away in Camrose early spring. Canada Day 150 years Our daughter Verna and Doug took us to the Ponoka Stampeed on July 1. enjoyable. Good to hear you love Canada and able to enjoy July 4 with all your neighbours friends and family. we are blessed to be able to acknowledge God and Jesus Christ without been thrown into jail or killed, We thank Him for our freedom to worship our Lord and Savior. lol Vera


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