July 17,’17

Hi everyone.
I have been to an osteopath and I am going to like him. He tried manual manipulation on my back last week, but said he couldn’t do me much good because my sternum is “frozen”. Doesn’t turn in all directions as it is supposed to.
So now I will be going to therapy for about 5 weeks. I am in hopes they can help. At least the cause of my hip and leg pain has been diagnosed properly (I hope!). I always said I hurt more when I have to walk or stand; turns out there was a reason for that.
Anyway, life goes on and I’m still getting around. Can’t do all the things I would like, but I’m trying not to complain. Others are much worse off. Last week 3 of my friends had surgery on the same day……one was for cancer, one for kidney stones, and the other for a broken hip. So when I feel sorry for myself I think of them.

My Self

My self is a mindless bird that sees
in the window glass another bird.

I fly to that other, but rather than
a joyful meeting
I smash my self against the reality of my ego

and lie broken and breathless on the ground.

I Cannot Abide Cold

cold feet, cold hands,
cold days, or
cold eyes

keep me cozy please
wrapped in sweaters and throws
happily snuggling a day away

banish ice cream, ice cubes
and ice cold beer

I wish to be far from icebergs
ski trails
and snowmen.

but even farther away
from iced people


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