July 29

As I get older I revel in memories of those special times that meant the most to me in my life. My regrets include not having a chance to travel to Europe often, but my one trip to Ireland was so incredible that those memories bring me huge pleasure yet.


One time I stood where mother stood,
where family roots reached from the land
to entwine their stories round my heart.

One time I felt connection like no other,
belonging, a rightness of place, feeling a shiver
of welcoming family phantoms crowding round.

One time only I had a chance to be
where fiddlers play and leprechauns dance
with sheep that graze on green carpeted hills.

One time only did history feel so alive to me,
so much a part of my present, and my past.
My heart is blessed with joyous memories.

Oh to be just one more time on that fabled isle
where forty shades of green could sooth my soul
and welcome me to heaven.


Remember the little bedtime prayer that everyone knows?….
Now I lay me down……..
Here’s one for adults:


At night I lay me down in bed
to rest my aching back and head,
to sleep, to sleep, perchance to dream
of things that are not as they seem.
For when I wake, dreams flee away,
disgruntled at the light of day.


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