September 27

Today it is raining. Most of our rain in southern NM comes in the summer, but often lingers into September. We rejoice every time it rains, for the moisture is always needed.
I have pretty much given up any kind of strenuous exercise. (Never liked it anyway.) Even just doing ordinary things gets me out of breath and my heart beating, sometimes irregularly. I feel better when I don’t exert myself.
I always said exercise didn’t agree with me. I’m much better at reading, writing, imagining, and relaxing.

Poems for today:

age is when
humility knocks softly
at your door, asking
“are you ready?”
explaining gently
that you must now
relinquish ability,
appearance, yes,
and strength.

if you resist,
age will become
a home invader,
snarling and
until you bow
to its demands
and accept it.

loss announces
its presence too,
loneliness along
as friends and
family die
and resources

then you are forced
to look in the mirror
to see your
closest companion,
hoping that she
will like you and
make no


There once was a man from Ouray
who loved to eat garlic each day.
It was healthy, he said
as he climbed into bed,
but his wife said, “Oh please stay away.”


September 17

No whining today ! I feel as well as can be expected. Still lots of pain here and there……even had a shot in my hip because Dr. said he thought I had bursitis. Helped a little (I think). My biggest problem is the breathlessness and pain upon walking any distance. So I have to do the things I can do without the physical effort. I have a TENS unit now and that helps a lot.
I hate shopping online, but I think I better get used to it as walking around stores is out of the question.
Anyway……poetry is the goal.
I thought I’d share something a little different today. I’m going to post a poem that I wrote when I was 11 years old. My first poem I think, at least the oldest surviving one. Then I’m going to post a poem I wrote a short time ago.

Here’s the 11 year old:

A funny animal is sitting.
By him sits his little brother.
Crying hard, he sits and sniffles.
Drying eyes-his little brother.
Every animal must have his cry
For the boys have lost their mother.
Go and bring to me our father
He commands his little brother.
In no time at all he scampers,
Joyfulness all now has left him.
Kangaroos jump out of hiding.
Lose his way? Oh, no, he musn’t!
Mother now is all his thoughts.
Nose all wrinkled up a’sniffing,
Oh the trail is hard to follow!
Presently he bursts on father.
Queer that he should find him here.
Right away he tells the story.
Slowly, sadly, father follows
To the place where he left brother.
Under rays of gleaming sunlight
Very slowly he approaches.
Were he’d never seen this day!
Xerxes could not have been sadder
Yielding to the Greek’s great power.
Zebras watch from far away as they
kneel beside the grave.

The newer one is about our iconic NM chile. Talk about addictions! Once you have it you will go to almost any lengths to make sure you get your fix!


Sunny skies clear as a bell
and in the air the pungent smell

of chiles roasting all over town,
tumbling in barrels round and round

until the skin will peel right off
and the chile pod is roasted and soft.

Chile for burgers, beans, and rellenos,
chile for enchiladas and tacos.

No matter where New Mexicans roam
when they return they feel at home

when they encounter that mouthwatering smell,
for chile’s been harvested and all is well.