October 2

Today we are hearing all about the tragic mass killing in Las Vegas. They are saying it is the worst in US history. There will be no end to these events until the government wakes up to the fact that they must put an end to the reign of the NRA and make it much harder for ordinary people to obtain those guns of mass destruction.

Anyway….got a couple of poems to share with you today:


I said to God, “wouldn’t it be simpler
if we all looked more alike,
perhaps all spoke the same language?”

And God chuckled. He said
“what fun would that be?
I started out with simple creatures and
I got better at it. I fixed it so that
every time a person is born they look
different from all the others.

What if every story or poem you wrote
was the same? Every painting of the same thing?
No, no, I must create. It is who I am.
As for keeping you all sorted, well,
that’s my secret.”

Uh, there’s few things I hate
y’know, but
uh is one, y’know and
so is y’know.
It’s “sorta like”
you don’t know
because you don’t have
the words to “kind of”
say what you mean.
I listen to your uhs, ums,
and “kind ofs” and
“sortofs” and inside
I scream, “is it
really just “sort of”
or are you sure
of anything?

Will someone
find a speech teacher?


One thought on “October 2

  1. Thanks for your recent poems – indeed, the recent and continuing natural and non-natural tragedies do give us pause, and concern for prayer . I liked your comments about language also. Have a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving – it is Monday, Oct. 9, so you might want to celebrate it in some way even though yours is in November. (Perhaps have a turkey sandwich!) Love, Elsie


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