Sunday, October 23

It is nearing the end of October already, but the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is still in recent memory. I think it has been held the first two weekends of October for at least 40 years or more and never fails to inspire and amaze. I haven’t been to it but once since moving to Las Cruces. I saw lots of balloons all the years I lived up there, and now the crowds are so horrendous. The hotels are full and the restaurants crowded, etc. But everyone should experience it at least once. Pictures do not do it justice.


In October, beautiful balloons arrive in Albuquerque.
They worship the clear blue sky—-
a parade of colors, shapes and forms,
more stunning than a photo.

They worship the clear blue sky,
taking passengers high above the mundane
and familiar into quiet awe.

A parade of colors, shapes and forms
by the hundreds fills the sky
in the crisp morning air.

More stunning than a photo,
though many pictures go home
to show friends what they missed.

Last weekend I drove up to Albuquerque to visit friends. (Balloon Fiesta was just ended). I wasn’t sure I would be able to drive the 3 plus hours without pain, but I wanted to try. I made it there and back, but not without discomfort. I had an MRI on my back again last week and maybe it will show the exact cause of my pain. Of course some of it is “age” and old friend Arthur Itis. A week from tomorrow I see my nephrologist again so will find out the status of the kidney disease.
I guess everyone has some kind of phobia, large or small. I have one that I suffered from since childhood, probably due to the chickens my Dad kept………….


It was chickens first, I think,
with glaring beady eyes and scary beaks.
The day my dog laid a large loon
across my door was when I really freaked!

A bird got in my house and panicked.
So did I when it would not go away.
I know it was irrational and I
cannot explain why I was so afraid.

I’ll handle snakes and bugs you see,
but keep those feathers far from me.

I like them
in the trees,


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