Sunday, November 12

Well….another lovely fall day. Greetings to all my family and friends who bother to read my blog. (I don’t think you are many, but I appreciate the ones who do.
I said I would keep you informed of my health problems this way. I saw my nephrologist last week and the news was good, PTL ! My number (percentage of kidney function) are up from 34 to 41. So I’m breathing a little easier as I don’t feel quite so close to facing transplant or dialysis. I should be able to hold out for perhaps a few years yet if I am strict with my diet.
Actually I’m not literally breathing easier as the last few days I have experienced difficulty breathing. For no good reason. So I don’t know what is causing that. I was to see my cardiologist over a week ago but they changed the appointment so now I don’t see him until the 30th.
Any way….change of subject. I am reading an excellent book called “Being Mortal” by Dr. Atul Gawande. He writes about the way medical science has screwed up how people with terminal illness are treated and how they approach death. Many folks would like to just get on with their lives and live as long as they can, but doctors and families so often insist on radical treatments that only make the patient miserable while not prolonging a life that is satisfying.
I would recommend this book be read by everyone who is getting up in age, as I am, or by anyone who is facing illness or death of a loved one. It is informative and easy to read.
I have written quite a few poems about death and dying and while I am comfortable with the subject, some are not. I don’t find it at all morbid or inappropriate. We are all going to die and it is better to face it while we have our wits about us.
My daughter doesn’t want to think about the fact that I may die and leave her one of these days. As a Christian believer, I have no fear of death, while also knowing that whatever may hit me before I pass on, God will help me get through it.
So, I’ll share a couple of poems on the subject:


When there’s no reason to look back
and no need to plan a future
there comes a certain simplicity
into your days.

Dreams of the past become
the past of dreams,
a place you have and have not been.

Embrace the calm, the slower pace,
no need to rush or fret.


I stop to linger over memories now
and hurry past the memories that bring pain.
I turn my head when grieving grasps my heart
for I must visit happy times again.

I linger over coffee now with you
for this today will soon become tomorrow
and then again that day may never come,
and memories of you bring only sorrow.

And goodbyes often cause me long to linger
for love and friendships do not always last.
But in that long forever that awaits me
all sad and painful memories will be past.


I shall not fight the wrinkles,
nor the age spots, nor the pains.
I’ll sit and wait for sunshine,
‘cause it hurts me when it rains.

When friends say I look good, I smile
for they mean well, I know.
But the mirror shows me someone else
with hair as white as snow.

Oh well, the clock will not turn back;
my youth will not return.
But I have gained some wisdom, so
I’m sure somehow I’ll learn

to just surrender to what is,
not wish for what can’t be.
I’ll entertain my memories
and offer tea to me


2 thoughts on “Sunday, November 12

  1. Hello Joy; Thanks for sharing with me about your health, sorry you face some serious problems. In saying that, I rejoice to hear you say you have committed your life to the Lord and are trusting Him for strength as you live your life to the fullest every day. I took a moment to pray for you, Jesus hears our prayer. God continue to give you peace. Vera

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  2. Thanks so much, Carolyn, for your news, and the poems. I hope you continue to be well enough to enjoy most of the activities you are accustomed to, and that you do not have pain. I have a friend who has so many things wrong and is amazingly resilient – an inspiration. By the way, she has been on dialysis for years – I think her count was down to 5 or 7 when she was put on, so you have a way to go – let’s hope you do not need it. She goes 3 times a week. Thanks also for the poems – I enjoyed them, and identify well with all your sentiments in them. My greatest concern I guess is that I will live too long! Interestingly, today I attended a birthday celebration for a friend who has turned 100. The care home in which she has been for awhile put this on for her,her family and relatives, a few friends and of course some of the folks who live there. It was very nicely done – tea and cake, and the Social Convenor of the residence did a marvelous job in leading in the event. I am not sure Edith really knew who I was – but she seemed to have a good time, if a bit confused occasionally. Blessings, and Love, Elsie


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