Wed. December 6

The sun disappeared for awhile.  Days this week have been cloudy and it is cooler.  Slightly more like winter.

I started going to therapy and then I decided to stop it.  That is because the therapist gave me a list of exercises to do and told me that I should do those particular ones and no other from now on.  So I do them at home; I couldn’t see having Medicare pay for me trundling over to the therapy facility to repeat the same old exercises.  Didn’t make any sense to me.  Besides, it took a chunk out of my day for nothing.

So now we are thinking about Christmas, right?  It cannot be avoided.  Here is a poem that I dredged up from my memories:


only a fresh pine tree,

festive with ornaments

and garland unpacked

year after year,

tinsel reused,

aging yet undiminished

in splendor just because

of the season.


what did a child care?

stores were not crammed

with cheap ornaments,

plastic Santas and

fake poinsettias

there were no stores selling

only Christmas (for indeed

you cannot buy Christmas)


no TV specials (no TV at all)

no carols played on the

radio in November

so that by December 25th

everyone has heard

White Christmas for

the two hundredth time

with Santa coming to town so often

by Christmas Eve he

becomes a bore


Christmas meant

once a year treats,

like chocolate mints,

mandarin oranges, and

the Christmas goose,

Mother’s fruit cake

and pumpkin pie


it is only nostalgia now,

memories to be held dear,

dancing in my head

instead of sugar plums


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