March 25, 2018

To the few readers who do check my blog…..apologies for lagging so far behind. I have taken on some new tasks recently that have been absorbing my time. I always vow to post to this blog more often and then it gets postponed.
I hope you will still check it out once in awhile.
My health condition is stable except for my back, which continues to worsen. I am seeing an osteopath at the local medical school here at the NM State University. She may be able to help.
My condolences to you who are suffering still the ravages of winter. Today it was 80 degrees here. Temperatures vary some, but it will get warmer in the next couple of months. Winds are blowing, however, as they always do. If you are thinking of visiting New Mexico, please don’t come in the spring.!
So….here are a couple of poems. I missed blogging about St.Paddy’s Day, so even though it is past, here’s a poem I call


A leprechaun is an odd little thing,
I’m sure one lives in my house.
I see his footprints everywhere
though he’s quiet as a mouse.

He’s cheeky and sneaky, leaves only a trace
of his trickery, but well I know
‘twas not me who locked the door last night
and left the dog out in the snow.

He hides in my computer too
and moves the keys around.
So when I’m typing out my poem
he makes mistakes abound.

Things appear where they don’t belong
not where I think they should be.
But it’s rather nice to have him around
to blame things on, you see.

Here’s the sort of poem I write when I’m feeling old:


I can control
my temper,
the temperature,
my tongue,
my children,
my reactions,
my health,
my diet,
but I cannot
control the years.

They fly by me,
laughing hysterically,
knowing they will
have the last word,
when I will have
no control.

More soon……….I hope !! Happy Easter.