May 24

I had to attend a funeral last week for the mother of a good friend up in Albuquerque. It was a long way from the church to the cemetery and hence this poem:



the hazard lights blink
in melancholy monotony

for all the miles it takes
for the funeral procession

to turn at the cemetery gates,
ticking off our days and years

in inexorable count down,
an annoying reminder

of how we all end—-followed
by a line of mourners

click-clicking their way across town,
hypnotizing us to accept

death and loss

And…….on a lighter note:


the days slip on by and
I get nothing done.
O lazy ol’ lady o lady-o.

sometimes life’s boring
and sometimes it’s fun.
O lazy ol’lady o lady-o.

I sit in my chair
‘cause I can’t go and run.
O lazy ol’ lady o lady-o.

and I’m quite content
to sit in the sun.
O lazy ol’ lady o lady-o.

So join me for tea
just you and just me.
we’ll be lazy ol ladies o ladies o.


One thought on “May 24

  1. Thanks, Carolyn, for a thoughtful, yet quirky (very appropriate) poem ; it is probably good for us to have time for contemplation on a number of issues when we lose a friend or loved one. God bless, Elsie


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