The Last Dance Sept. 16, 2018

Blogging…..yes, it seems to be what everyone is doing these days. I had hoped to have my poetry read by putting it on a blog. However, as far as I can tell, there are about 4 people who check on my blog on anything like a regular basis to see if I have added anything.
It has been months, I think, since I felt like carrying this on. If you are one of the few who reads this blog, then you will have noticed my absence. So, I am going to terminate the blog.
I have felt much less like writing anything lately and even less like posting anything on the blog. I will put a couple of short poems on here today that kind of explain my feelings at this point in my life.
The audience of life applauds,
luring me to try again,

to come back to performance,
to accomplishment, to sweat and tears.

But I will refuse.
I have played my song,

recited my piece,
danced my last dance.

I shall rest now and be real.
No more play-acting, no ego,

no need to prove my worth.
No encore.

I will share one last poem with you. I believe it to be one of my best…….

(with a nod to “Tract” by William Carlos Williams)

I shall teach you, my friends, how to have a memorial service.
You all have what it takes…..
only memories, please bring them along.

I choose not to be the star of a procession,
no long line of mournful automobiles driving slowly
to what seems like doom, the sadness of cemetery.

My body will be gone, turned to ashes by the pyre,
so there is no need for graveside tears, no need
to watch as they lower me into cold earth.

But do come to honor my small family by being
at their side; encourage and pray for them.
I shall know and be grateful.

No wearing of black, please! My friends, do not
think this shows respect or grief. It only serves
to make the occasion grim and glum.

Instead, wear bright colors, the shades of celebration.
Be joyful as I will be, for be sure that where I am
is a place of overwhelming beauty, where you will join me.

No flowers, please. Give them instead to someone you love,
or someone that I loved. They only fade and wilt and remind
you of our shared mortality. Enjoy them now.

Please have music, lots of music, for that is what I have
loved. Sing joyfully, sing praises to God, sing of
encouragement and hope to each other.

Do not try to suppress your grief. If you have loved me,
then let the tears fall. Tears will heal and comfort.
All my friends will cry with you and those tears

will be my memorial, the memories that will go
with me as I take my leave of you.
I ask only that you not forget me.